Do you need to see the old DSM-IV
section 309.81 definition of PTSD?
On May 21, 2013, the DSM-5 replaced the DSM-IV-TR. If you'd
like to see what the old criteria were for PTSD, click
What's PTSD?
Trauma. Something awful happened - maybe
once, maybe often. You were traumatized.
Trauma doesn't go away by itself - either it gets
treated immediately or it stays and wrecks
your life. PTSD is
trauma that wasn't treated
immediately. Some people don't even know
they've got PTSD until their life falls apart.
When will I be better?
It's hard to say. Do you mean all better?
It can be two steps forward and one back.
There will be discouraging times. But
you can heal. Don't give up! PTSD isn't like a
broken arm, where the docs can say exactly
when you'll be better. Recovery is a process.

OK, when will life become
When the proper medication kicks in (you
might have to try 1 or 2 first) and when
you've begun to sort things out with a
therapist. Stick with it - it's worth it!
PTSD info
You need 2 kinds of help:
a doctor and a therapist.
What Should I Do?
Get help, now! It can be hard to make the
calls and visit the doctors and therapists.
Sometimes it almost seems like you need to
be healthy to have the energy and money
to get the help that sick people need. Do it
anyway! You can - and must - get help!
When will my life get back to normal?
I wish with all my heart that there could be a way to make things as if
nothing had ever happened. But you have to create a new "normal."
Not the same, a different life from what you had.
You can build a life that you enjoy. Please try!
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Why does the doc
think I have PTSD?
Because the things that are happening to
you match the list of PTSD symptoms in
DSM-5. That's the diagnostic book that
doctors use. If you'd like to see what the
DSM-5 says about PTSD, click
DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor or any kind of health professional. I'm just
somebody who has PTSD. I made this website to share my experience.
What's the difference?
Funny you should ask! I had an e-mail
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